Monday, 10 February 2014

Fly me to the EU

Last week, on 5th of February, the European Parliament has voted on European Commission's proposals to strengthen air passenger rights. As we have mentioned previously the European Parliament introduces more passengers-friendly rules (European Parliament intends to strengthen air passengers' rights) by, e.g., allowing them to claim compensation when the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours (while Commission insists that only a higher threshold, like the suggested 5 hours delay, will provide incentives to airlines to actually pay out compensations). The Parliament also differs from the European Commission in its evaluation of what should constitute 'extraordinary circumstances' which would release the airlines from their obligation to pay compensation (e.g. the Parliament would prefer to exempt technical failures almost completely from this definition). While the Commission wanted to limit passengers assistance rights to providing them with 3 nights of accommodation in extraordinary circumstances, the Parliament suggests raising the limit to 5 nights. Moreover, the EP argues that the airlines should be obliged to take out insurance in case of insolvency, while the Commission considers it to be a disproportionately burdensome measure in comparison with the small number of insolvencies of airlines in past years. In June the Transport Council will meet to further discuss the revision of air passengers rights. It is likely that these rules will only be further negotiated after the new elections. (European Parliament votes on air passenger rights)

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