Friday, 21 February 2014

CESL in the EP

Next week, on 25 February, the European Parliament will debate the pending proposal for an optional Common European Sales Law; the vote will take place on the day after. As Eric Clive observes on the Edinburgh European Private Law News blog:

'This will be a key test for the proposal. As noted in earlier posts, the Legal Affairs Committee is strongly in favour of the proposed optional European sales law and has put forward a number of useful and constructive amendments, taking full advantage of the input of experts, consultees and stakeholders including, notably, the European Law Institute. However, the (rather divided) Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee was not so keen on the idea of an optional instrument and has put forward amendments designed to convert the proposed optional instrument into a compulsory instrument, something which has little or no chance of proceeding further.'

European consumer organisation BEUC, furthermore, has reinforced its criticism of the CESL in a call on the Parliament to reject the proposal.

The constructive comments that have been put forward by the European Law Institute's working group on the CESL can be found here.

To be continued...

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