Monday, 2 September 2013

Personalised service wanted, preferably without having to share personal data

A new worldwide survey conducted by Infosys on consumers attitude to sharing their personal data shows an interesting pattern that has developed in past years. On the one hand, consumers are willing to share their data online with doctors, banks, retailers - in order to get better service. On the other hand, consumers want to share only particular personal data and only upon certain conditions being met. The contradictions in the reasoning are clear - while 78% of consumers feel that they would positively respond to personal, targeted ads, only 16% is willing to share social media profile information; while 63% consumers would like their banks to inform them about their account and transactions through alerts to mobiles/smart phones, only 32% share information on these devices with any frequency; moreover, while 88% of consumers declare more trust to doctors who have online access to their medical files, only 56% would be willing to share personal medical history. (Consumers worldwide will allow access to personal data for clear benefits, says Infosys study)

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