Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Capita Civilologie

Today at the Academiegebouw in Utrecht a promotion of the book "Capita Civilologie. Handboek empirie en privaatrecht" took place. 'Civilologie' is a new term describing research that is not limited to pure, traditional, dogmatic legal scholarship but includes insights from other disciplines. The book is worth mentioning here for many reasons, not the least since two of this blog's authors have written a chapter each for this book. If you read in Dutch you should look up Bram's chapter (Chapter 6) evaluating the 'average consumer' standard in misleading commercial practices and Joasia's chapter (Chapter 10) assessing the right of withdrawal in distance selling contracts. The book is published by Boom Juridische Uitgevers and edited by W.H. van Boom, I. Giesen and A.J. Verheij. For any of our readers interested in how insights from empirical studies could be included in legal scholarship, it is worth to look into these 1050 pages describing various forms and areas of such research. This book is a second edition of the previous book "Gedrag en Privaatrecht" with some new chapters and some updated chapters from the first edition and many of its parts describe various consumer behaviour and consumer law issues.

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