Thursday, 29 August 2013

We need to move it, move it

Have you watched the animation movie "Wall-E"? If yes, you should remember the sad prediction of the human kind's future made by the movie makers: obese people being carried everywhere by automated chairs/vehicles, playing games from these chairs, consuming more and more while in these chairs, etc. This picture may not be as far from what lies in our future as we'd like. It doesn't surprise then that the European Commission announced yesterday a first ever proposal for a Council Recommendation on sport. The goal is to try to enhance sport participation and physical activity of European consumers, in order to improve their health prospects by avoiding obesity etc. Currently, 2/3 of Europeans never or seldom exercise or play sport. (!) Since the promotion of physical activity depends on the Member States, the European initiative may only invite them to develop certain strategies and action plans that would be harmonised across the EU. ("Getting people out of their chairs: new initiative to promote physical activity in Europe") Interestingly, the European Commissioner, Androulla Vassiliou even said specifically: "Much more can be done through our policies to encourage people to get out of their chairs.". I think she watched "Wall-E".

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