Monday, 23 September 2013

Equal property rights for registered partners and married couples

Another vote took place this month at the European Parliament with regard to new matrimonial property rules for international couples. (Simplifying property law for international couples) On 10 September the MEPs adopted a new resolution, recommending that the drafted legislation included the same property rights for registered partners as for married couples in case they separate and need to divide their properties. Original proposal of the Commission would enable married couples to choose which law should be applicable to their joint property (as long as there was a close connection), while registered partners would still be forced to accept the application of the law of the member state in which their partnership was registered. The resolution grants the same rights to registered partners as to married couples, however, their choice of law would not be valid if they choose for a law of a country not recognising registered partnerships. (MEPs call for equal property rights for registered partners and married couples)

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