Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Things to do with e-waste or WEEE

When your computer or laptop dies... what do you do with it? One option is to just throw it away with your regular garbage, but that does not seem quite right, does it? Some consumers would be worried about it being revived by some e-wizard and someone gaining access to his personal data that could still be there on the computer. Fewer consumers would have a thought that it may not be environmentally friendly to throw electronic waste out with other garbage but would not know where to take it (or the collection point would be set somewhere far away from their home). Many consumers would just keep it in a drawer/cellar hoping that one day they would be able to throw it out safely.

Yesterday a new Directive entered into force that deals with waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). One of the goals of the Directive is that by February 2014 Member States enable consumers to return small e-waste at large retail shops or provide an even more effective waste disposal manner. (New rules on e-waste to boost resource efficiency)