Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The architecture of European consumer law

Another addition to the Summer reading list: Hans Micklitz (EUI) published a paper on the architecture of European consumer law and the need for innovation of its structure.

The abstract reads as follows:
'The paper is a translation of the Gutachten prepared for the 69. Deutschen Juristentag to be held in September 2012. It pleads for a separate consumer law code outside private law codifications. The benchmarks are: rethinking the concept of the consumer (the vulnerable consumer and the consumer/customer), focussing beyond traditional consumer law on internet sales and on consumer services (telecom, energy, transport, financial services), integrating and developing a consistent approach to consumer law enforcement via individual and collective action, via ADR, courts and administrative bodies. The solution is seen in a movable system (bewegliches System) that allows for connecting substantive rights and remedies to the different concepts of consumers, vulnerable, confident and responsible.'

The paper can be downloaded here.

For more information on the German Juristentag, please refer to the conference website.

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