Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Safe Toys' Story

The safety of consumer products is seen as one of the key consumer rights and its proper enforcement is especially needed when products are meant to be used by vulnerable consumers, such as children. The EU provides for strict safety requirements for toys, but aside the producers' and marketers' (of toys) compliance with these requirements, it is also necessary that EU consumers know what to look for when they buy goodies for their children. For example:

  • the EU consumers should always look for the "CE mark" which means that the toy is in compliance with the strict EU safety rules,

  • they should also pay attention to the age symbols which determine for what age the given toy is suitable (preventing choking hazards etc.).

More toy tips may be found on a campaign website. Within the "European Toy Safety" campaign, the European Commission launched a new video informing consumers how to buy safe toys and how to use them safely. (European Toy Safety Campaign: don't let accidents ruin your summer!)