Friday, 11 October 2013

Your views on cross-border protection of consumers

Today, the European Commission's DG Health and Consumers opened a public consultation on the review of the EU Consumer Protection Cooperation Regulation. Anyone interested in the possibilities to improve the cross-border protection of consumers can express their views on this topic by filling out a questionnaire.

Questions include the following topics:

What means of investigation and intervention do national enforcement authorities need to cooperate better in tackling infringements to consumer laws concerning several countries?

What sanctions are necessary to better deter infringing practices?

How can the enforcers act more efficiently and provide a more robust enforcement response to combat malpractices which occur widely in the EU or which are perpetrated by the same trader operating in a number of Member States?

The consultation will be open till 31 January 2014. See also the Commission's press release and the website of DG Health and Consumers.

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