Thursday, 31 October 2013

Landmark cases

Studying case law is a great way to learn about European consumer law matters. A book that has recently been published in honour of Professor Jules Stuyck collects essays on a number of leading EU judgments in the field. The editors summarise the book's contents as follows:

'This unique book tells the story of the coming of age of EU consumer law, a legal domain that hasn’t ceased to expand in depth and scope during the last 20 years.
However, this book has not been conceived by the editors as an exercise in nostalgia. The contributions offer ample food for thought about the challenges awaiting consumer law in the years to come. The selected cases in this book are therefore without exception landmark decisions. What this volume doesn’t offer however, is an exhaustive overview of EU consumer law jurisprudence. It doesn’t aspire to be a textbook covering all aspects of consumer law. Rather, the authors have approached the cases – some of which have been commented upon quite extensively in legal doctrine already – from a novel and personal perspective, sometimes coloured by the contributor’s particular background, concerns and interest. Very often, the cases have been used as a point of departure to point out a development in EU and / or national consumer law.
The result of the contributors’ efforts does not only read as splendid anthology but it will be read and continued to be read by anyone interested in EU consumer law.'

Readers interested in Jules Stuyck's work might also wish to look up his editorial in the latest issue of consumer law journal euvr.

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