Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Retail therapy in Europe

I've stumbled upon some articles regarding European consumers attitude to shopping online. A study by Bazaarvoice suggests that there is a significant difference between behaviour of English, French and German consumers. While browsing through the websites of potential retailers of a product they intend to buy, English consumers would focus on websites of recognised and trusted retailers, French shoppers on respected manufacturing brands and German consumers would just search for the cheapest deal. This means that for German consumers the most relevant websites would be the price comparison ones, and that only French consumers would pay special attention to branding of products. French consumers were also identified to read more product reviews and to be more likely to give feedback themselves. German consumers were in turn more likely to purchase products on their phones, if they found a good deal for it. (The continental divide: Deep divisions and distinctions among European shoppers) Another study by Pitney Bowes showed that French, German and English consumers would rather leave social media, like Facebook, than be confronted by too much marketing and advertising online. If the mass marketing would start to dominate personal walls of consumers, they'd be likely to feel overwhelmed by it, which communication specialists take as a sign to that personalized, targeted advertising should dominate online world. (Marketing via social media channels can have counterproductive effect on consumers)

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