Monday, 28 January 2013

A year into the Data Protection reform

It has been one year since the European Commission announced its plans to reform the EU's 1995 data protection rules with an aim to strengthening online privacy rights. The issues that need to be addressed in this review are not only the result of the rapid development of the internet in the past years, but also resulted from the diverse implementation measures adopted by the Member States. The 1995 rules were of a minimum harmonisation character which led to fragmentation of online privacy protection measures within the EU and administrative burdens in its enforcement. The current news cycle underlines the aims of the review as well as its potential benefits both to consumers and to businesses. (European Data Protection Day 2013) The draft law is now in the process of being assessed by the European Parliament, that is expected to vote on it in the end of April. The Council also plans to tackle this issue within the current, Irish Presidency, which would mean that the whole process could end successfully by the end of June 2013. (The Data Protection reform - One Year On)

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