Thursday, 19 April 2012

Statistically relevant

Statistics play a big role in designing consumer policy. As the EU Commissioner Šemeta mentioned:

"Statistics not only pin-point where the weaknesses lie in our economic (and social) systems, but they provide the basis for finding the right solutions to address them." (Commissioner Šemeta presents the "revised Regulation on European Statistics")

The new proposal for changes in the Regulation on European Statistics (223/2009) of 11 March 2009 aims at increasing the independence of gathered statistics and assures high quality thereof (Commission strengthens independence and reliability of EU statistics). It determines criteria for the selection of heads of National Statistical Institutes and Eurostat, as well as clarifies their accountability. The proposal will require Member States to sign "Commitments of Confidence", pledging to respect the European Statistics Code of Practice, to safeguard the independence of NSIs and to establish national quality assurance frameworks for statistics.

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