Monday, 16 April 2012

Making fundamental rights reality

Today, the European Commission presented its second annual report on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, which has now been legally binding for over two years. The report is meant to raise people's awareness of the Charter, when it applies, and the role of EU institutions in the field of fundamental rights.

In the field of consumer law, the report makes mention of some important judgments of the European Court of Justice: 'In March 2011, the Court ruled in the Test-Achats case that different premiums for men and women constitute sex discrimination (MEMO/11/123) and, in November 2011, that ordering an internet service provider to install a filtering system to prevent an infringement of intellectual property rights would infringe customers' rights to receive and send information (Scarlet v. SABAM case).'

More information can be found in the Commission's press release and on DG Justice's website.

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