Wednesday, 4 April 2012


On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April 2012, the Institute for Law and Economics of the University of Chicago Law School will host a conference on 'European Contract Law: A law-and-economics perspective'. The contributions to the conference will, among other topics, assess the newly proposed Common European Sales Law:

'The movement to harmonize European contract law generated various proposals for uniform statutes and optional instruments, culminating by the recent Draft Common European Sales Law. This ambitious reform envisions a uniform Sales Law for Europe with strong consumer protections, enacted by every member nation. Transactors will be able to choose this law to govern their transaction in place of existing contract law.

The Chicago conference brings together a group of leading scholars from Europe and from the University of Chicago, exploring the law and economics perspectives of the proposed harmonization. Is such an optional statute a desirable regulatory tool? What economic goals might it serve? Are the protections enacted in it suitable? What can be learned from the American experience with uniform commercial laws?'

More information and the programme can be found on the conference website.

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