Sunday, 11 March 2012

If we took a holiday...

A week ago a new Eurobarometer survey on tourism was published (Tourism to become economic driver in 2012). It shows quite interesting statistics as to the EU consumers' tourist habits:

- 72% of EU citizens travelled in 2011: Spain was the most visited country
- over 80% of EU citizens expected to travel in 2012

- majority of EU citizens prefers to arrange their holidays by themselves: 53% of Europeans booked their holidays via internet
- 49% of EU travellers in 2011 organised the various elements of their trip separately, instead of booking one package

- word of mouth recommendations of friends and family were relied on by 52% of EU travellers
- 40% relied on internet websites recommendations

- 78% of EU travellers chose car and motorbike as means of transportation (in 2010 - only 44%)
- 46% travelled by plane (in 2010 - 39%)

- 54% of EU travellers going on short trips and 60% spending at least 4 nights away - used hotels or rented accommodations

- 48% of EU travellers looked for 'rest and recreation' (next objectives:  sun and beach; visiting family and friends)

- over 50% of EU citizens would go back to the same place for its natural beauty
- over 90% of EU citizens were satisfied with their travelling choices

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