Friday, 2 March 2012

CESL going Dutch

Last Wednesday, a conference took place on the implications of the European Commission's proposal for a Common European Sales Law (CESL) for Dutch law. General questions related to the enactment of the instrument included:
- the CESL's legal basis (introduced by Jacobien Rutgers)
- opting into CESL, national mandatory law and the CESL's self-standing nature (Martijn Hesselink)
- the optional instrument and the Dutch procedural order (Mark Wissink)
- do we need the CESL? (Alex Geert Castermans)

Substantive matters that were discussed were:
- mitigation rules regarding damages (Anne Keirse)
- digital content (me)
- standard terms (Marco Loos)
- restitution (Albert Verheij)
- related services (Chris Jansen)

For an excellent summary of the main points of the conference, I happily refer to Gary Low's post on the Maastricht European Private Law blog (thanks, Gary!)

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