Monday, 9 February 2015

Where does our meat come from?

This week the European Parliament debates, among other, on the need for new rules regarding meat products' labelling (also in processed food) in the EU (MEPs to debate right to know where meat in processed food come from). The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) argues for the introduction of clear origin labels for meat products that would ensure better traceability along the food supply chain ("While fresh meat origin will be displayed, we see no good reason why it becomes mysterious once meat goes through the mincer." M. Goyens - see EU Parliament's unique chance to push for meat origin labels). Not only would consumers benefit from this information (since everyone would know what - if any - meat is placed in McDonald's burgers and KFC's chicken nuggets), but also businesses would better know whether they could rely on specific suppliers and products. If the Parliament supports the earlier expressed call for new legislation made by the Committee for Environment, Food Safety and Public Health, we could expect the European Commission to start working on this issue.

Update: The European Parliament indeed called the European Commission to come up with a legislative proposal introducing mandatory labelling of the country of origin of meat use in processed food. (MEPs call for country of origin labelling of meat in processed foods)

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