Thursday, 30 June 2016

Public consultation on the impact of national civil procedure laws

Parallel to the Fitness Check of EU Consumer and Marketing Law (on which we have reported earlier) the impact of domestic laws of civil procedure is also currently under review. The study has two strands: the impact of national laws of civil procedure on mutual trust and free circulation of judgments, and the impact of these laws on the enforcement of consumer rights derived from EU law.

The EU Commission has awarded this project to an international consortium headed by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. The Institute has launched a public consultation as part of the study, and encourages consumers, lawyers, judges, academics, consumer protection associations, business/trade associations, dispute resolution facilitators, and those working in other legal professions are to respond. The consultation involves two questionnaires available in six languages that is accessible here.

Apart from the questionnaire, the Institute also appreciates any help in giving further insights into the topics covered. Anyone who can offer help in this regard can leave their contact details for an interview at the end of the survey.

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