Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Judges in Utopia

Happy New Year, dear readers! For those among you whose interest in European consumer law extends to the broader theoretical framework within which developments in this field may be embedded, I would like to take the opportunity to combine good wishes for an eventful consumer law year with an announcement of my new blog on 'judicial law-making in European private law'. 

The blog will present results of a research project named 'Judges in Utopia', which is funded under NWO's Vidi scheme and aims to further develop private law theory on the interaction among European and national judges in the resolution of private legal disputes within the EU, including cases on consumer contracts.

You can visit my blog on judgesinutopia.blogspot.com

Readers with an interest in possibly joining the research project might also wish to check out two current vacancies in the project, one for a PhD researcher and one for a post-doc researcher (deadline for applications: 30 January 2015).

Finally, blog entries with a relevance to both European consumer law and the role of the judiciary will be posted on both blogs.

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