Monday, 27 May 2013

Travelling with our four-legged friends

The European Parliament approved a new regulation on the 'non-commercial transport' of pets last Thursday. The new legislation will change existing rules on pet passports and anti-rabies vaccination (that are mandatory for dogs, cats and ferrets) aiming at making it easier to travel with pets abroad, even if health requirements for pets remain quite strict. The passport would need to be issued by an authorised vet (like it is now) and specify the transponder code (if an animal has a clear tattoo, that's still valid, too), anti-rabies vaccination details and other information on pet's health. A young pet who had anti-rabies vaccinations but didn't get immunity yet would still be allowed to travel. (Parliament eases rules on cross-border pet travel) The regulation will still need to be adopted but with the consent of the Council and the Parliament it should not take too long.

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