Thursday, 23 May 2013

Impact of the new ADR and ODR rules

Today the ECC-NET holds its annual conference in Dublin during which the impact and the implementation of the forthcoming ADR and ODR legislation will be discussed. (ECC-Net annual conference: EU consumers could save 22.5 billion euro) The Irish European Consumer Centre commissioned a report "The Implication of the Proposed ADR Directive for the Resolution of Consumer Disputes in Ireland" which is available online on their website.

"According to recent research, losses experienced by cross-border shoppers are estimated at EUR 425 million per annum. The European Commission has estimated that if EU consumers can rely on well-functioning and transparent ADR for their disputes, both national and cross-border, they could save around €22.5 billion a year, corresponding to 0.19% of EU GDP. The ADR Directive and ODR Regulation when implemented will allow business to consumer disputes to be settled fast, effectively and cheaply without going to court. Effective ADR offers both business and consumers a win-win situation encouraging consumers to spend secure in the knowledge that if something goes wrong it is easy for them to access redress while business will avoid the costs of going to court". said Dr. Ann Neville (Director of ECC Ireland)

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