Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy world consumer rights day!

Even though it is this author's very personal view that certain misuses of humour of Twitter should be sanctioned with immediate account deactivation...
So, today it is World Consumer Rights Day, the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's famous Congress speech,  in which he stated  that "Consumers, by definitions, includes us all."
Not only the European Parliament celebrates. 
To mention some, the UK association Which? has launched a new consumer rights website, while at a global level the consumer international has given the date a theme: Consumer justice now!, which reminds us that consumer rights are an issue not only- and actually not mainly- in our beloved continent.
Did you know that the UN also have guidelines on consumer protection? Those guidelines are currently undergoing a revision process which should be completed by July 2014.
(the EU Consumer Summit 2013, on the other hand, will also come soon -next week- and bring together ministers stakeholders and concerned agencies to discuss the enforcement of consumer rights... but we will discuss that in due time)

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