Sunday, 10 March 2013


Recently published data of the Flash Eurobarometer 370 presents current attitudes of Europeans towards tourism. The main findings were as follows (see also: Tourism's robust and resilient performance expected to continue in 2013):

  • 71% of Europeans travelled for work or private reasons in 2012. (...) a majority of respondents who travelled are aged 15-39, or have a high level of education, or live in a large town.
  • Europeans who did not travel in 2012 mostly cited financial reasons for not taking a holiday (46%). (...) Respondents who did not travel in 2012 are more likely to be aged 55+, are manual workers, unemployed, or live in a single person household.
  • 88% of EU respondents who travelled for a personal holiday of at least four nights went somewhere within the EU.
  • Spending time in the sunshine or at the beach was the main reason for a holiday of at least four consecutive nights in 2012 (40%), closely followed by visiting family, friends or relatives (36%).
  • Spain was the most popular destination for EU holiday makers in 2012 (10%), followed by Italy and France (both 8%). Croatia was also among the preferred destinations in 2012 (3%).
  • A large proportion of EU respondents (58%) spent their holidays in their own country, a similar result to that of the 2011 survey (56%). Domestic holidays were most common in Greece (87%), Italy (80%), Bulgaria (79%) Spain (73%), and Croatia (74%).
  • Staying in paid accommodation or staying with friends or relatives also increased in popularity compared to 2011.
  • 92% of EU respondents were satisfied with the quality of accommodation in 2012. 31% of respondents consider the quality of accommodation as main factor for a decision to return to the same holiday destination.
  • Most EU citizens were satisfied with the general level of prices (83%), which represents another key reason to go back to the same holiday destination.

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