Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Getting ahead of themselves?

Yesterday the European Parliament decided to make year 2013 the European Year of Citizens. The goal is to raise awareness of rights that are linked to the EU citizenship.The coming year should be, therefore, rich in events and activities that would focus on explaining and spreading knowledge of such rights like e.g., passenger and consumer rights. (European Year of Citizens: raising awareness of EU citizens' rights)

It is a bit ironic that on the same day, the European Parliament adopted also a non-legislative resolution in which it argues for better protection of passenger rights. It demands from the European Commission to improve complaint procedures and fight more actively unfair pricing conditions, as well as to define 'extraordinary circumstances' under which passengers may not claim compensation from their carriers. (Passenger rights: MEPs want loopholes closed) This is the second resolution this year on this subject. (Towards no stress flying) If you are interested in what such a resolution can achieve - see the reply giving to the March resolution by the European Commission here.

On the one hand the European Parliament wants to educate consumers about their rights, on the other hand it admits that these rights are often not clear or easily understandable. It would make more sense to first clarify the vague provisions on a European level before introducing them (and their current loopholes) to the EU citizens.

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