Friday, 12 October 2012

European Parliament & the CESL

Exactly one year after the Commission launched its proposal for a Regulation establishing a Common European Sales Law (CESL), yesterday the Economic Affairs committee of the European Parliament decided to support it. 
Meanwhile, the Parliament's Legal Affairs (JURI) and Internal Market (IMCO) Committees are also preparing reports due to be finalised in the coming months. 
This is thus only a first step towards a common EP position on the topic. 
However, the CESL proposal might be consistent with the direction indicated by the Internal Market committee through a non-binding resolution which was also adopted yesterday, urging the Commission to take action in the field of online cross-border trade in order to remove the (material and legal) obstacles which hinder exchanges and growth. Does this make a good auspice for the CESL's destiny? Don't miss the next episodes...

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