Thursday, 13 September 2012


Last week, the Council of the European Law Institute (ELI) endorsed the ELI Working Party's Statement on the proposal for a Common European Sales Law:

'The Working Party critically examined the CESL, making a number of practical recommendations designed to facilitate the achievement of its underlying policy objectives, which include enhancing the viability of the EU’s internal market through facilitating cross-border trade, both in respect of business to consumer transactions and business to business transactions; securing a high and uniform level of consumer protection across the European Union; maximising the opportunities which can accrue to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from an effective internal market; maintaining the EU’s policy of non-discrimination against consumers and businesses from third countries; and maintaining, except in defined circumstances, freedom of contract.'

The full text of the Statement will be made available on the ELI's website shortly. The site also offers more information on the upcoming ELI conference and general assembly that will take place in Brussels on 28 and 29 of September.

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