Thursday, 27 September 2012

Addressing consumers' concerns

The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament adopted a nonbinding resolution this Tuesday in which it points out to the failures of the internal, single market that prevent consumers from using their rights effectively. The Committee addressed 20 main consumers' concerns based on the independent survey that was conducted in 2011 (The Single Market through the lens of the people: A snapshot of citizens' and businesses' 20 main concerns). The European Parliament is scheduled to vote on this proposal in October. (Member States must stop dragging their feet...) Some of the main concerns that it argues should be handled and solved by the European Commission are:

  • administrative problems consumers face while importing cars from one Member State to another (suggested solution: MS should recognise each other's technical controls and simplify car registration process)
  •  complicated procedures of opening a bank account (solution: universal access to basic banking services for European citizens)
  • difficulties with having one's professional qualifications recognised (solution: European professional card)
  • lack of information about the single market (solution: regular European interactive, informative campaigns)

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