Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fate of the European ADR and ODR schemes to be decided after summer

Last winter the European Commission presented proposals of new laws that would improve consumers' rights in settling disputes out of courts. (A step away from out-of-court dispute resolution for European consumers) This post is just a quick update to let the readers know that these laws have still not been finalised but the works on them continue. A week ago the European Parliament's internal market committee adopted amendments to two draft laws on alternative and online dispute resolution schemes (ADR and ODR). MEPs proposed, e.g., an introduction of a quality label for ADR entities, with which they could show that they comply with the minimum quality standards set in the directive. MEPs introduced also certain provisions in order to strengthen impartiality of the ADR arbitrators or mediators. The next step is in the legislation procedure is to start negotiations with the Council on a possible first-reading of the two proposals. Whether the texts are ready for that will be decided after the summer break. (Easy, cheap and rapid redress for consumers)

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