Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Timeshare transposition final

The new Timeshare Directive, which replaces an older Directive from 1994 (Directive 1994/47/EC), was due to be transposed across the EU by February 2011. Unfortunately, many Member States failed to fulfill their transposition duties in 2011. This unfortunate situation changed on 31 May 2012, when the European Commission closed an infringement case against Spain on the Timeshare Directive (Directive 2008/122/EC) after the country notified the Commission of a new law (Decreto-ley) transposing the rules. The Commission also closed a case against the UK following its recent transposition of the Directive for Gibraltar. As the Commission also closed cases against Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia on 22 March, this means that all Member States have now transposed the Directive into their national law. After ensuring that all Member States have adopted the necessary measures, the Commission will, as a next step, carry out a thorough assessment of the overall quality and completeness of the transposition. More.

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