Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ACTA under more fire

We have mentioned previously that the European Commission considered referring ACTA to the CJEU as potentially infringing fundamental rights (ACTA referred to the CJEU) and the criticism it has received from the European Data Protection Supervisor (ACTA endangers fundamental rights of the EU citizens). This Monday (5th of June 2012) the fourth committee of the European Parliament rejected the ACTA. Of course, the positions of these committees are not binding, which means that the main committee responsible for giving its recommendation to the EP - the International Trade Committee - can still issue such a recommendation. However, it is a strong sign of the controversies surrounding the adoption of the ACTA which the EP members cannot ignore.

To sum up: the Civil Liberties Committee issued concerns as to the lack of compliance of the ACTA with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, since it does not ensure full respect for private life or full protection of sensitive personal information; the Industry Committee pointed out a lack of balance between intellectual property rights, business freedom, protection of personal data and the freedom to receive or provide information; finally also the Legal Affairs Committee and the Development Committee voted against the recommendation. (ACTA now rejected by four EP committees)

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