Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Still not enough…

Passenger rights – still not enough enforcement? That’s a problem which must be tackled by the Commission. To this end a series of measures to clarify and strengthen the enforcement of passenger rights legislation (so consumers can more effectively access their rights and industry has more certainty and a level playing field across the EU) play an important role in the Commission agenda. What exactly? A dialogue with stakeholders with a view to revising the EU's air passenger rights Regulation 261 – with a proposal from the Commission in 2012. No doubt that’s an ambitious plan. The review would look to clarify, in particular, key issues such as limits for liability in case of extraordinary circumstances, compensation thresholds, effective re-routing of passengers, shared risk between operators in the supply chain and other issues where there are weaknesses, including protection in the case of mishandled luggage or re-scheduled flights. Interested in more information, please click here.

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