Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Contact lenses are only the tip of the iceberg...

Although I’m quite short-sighted, I don’t wear contact lenses. Reason: I like myself in glasses. :) I tried contact lenses - they are very practical when swimming - but they simply don’t work for me on regular basis. However, I’m clearly aware that contact lenses make a critical difference to quality of life for millions of people everyday. For example one of my best friends "can’t live without them" – her words. :) To be more general, we are talking here about medical devices. That’s important problem and contact lenses are only the tip of the iceberg. What about a simple bandage or – more extreme - the most sophisticated life-supporting products or implants. No doubt the medical devices sector plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment of diseases and even saving the most precious – our life. EU Health and Consumer Commissioner John Dalli, and Hungary's Minister of State for Health Miklós Szócska, co-chaired this week a High Level Conference in Brussels on "Exploring innovative healthcare – the role of medical technology innovation and regulation". Main topics: improvements in the innovation process so that, safe, life-saving and life-enhancing medical equipment can be brought to Europe's patients and consumers as quickly as possible. Commissioner Dalli said "Europe's patients benefit from the latest in medical technology, but Europe is facing major public health, societal and demographic challenges and we need to respond with innovative solutions. Innovation is the oxygen of our economy and the answer to tomorrow's needs – it is imperative."

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