Sunday, 5 November 2017

DG FISMA published a report on national responses to the financial crisis

Our readers may be interested in the recently published report by DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA) titled: Coping with the international financial crisis at the national level in a European context Impact and financial sector policy responses in 2008 – 2015

The comprehensive report is about national responses to the financial crisis. It focuses on those Member States that encountered the most reforms following the crisis: Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus. The further  twelve Member States at least once received a country specific recommendation for their financial sector: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The rest of the Member States, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, and Finland are outside the scope of the report, and are only used for comparative purposes.

Although the report primarily tackles the macro aspects of the post-crisis changes, it provides valuable insights into the reforms designed to protect consumers such as measures responding to foreign currency lending in affected Member States, and national initiatives in reforming personal insolvency laws. It is therefore an interesting read for everyone interested in EU financial consumer protection and financial consumer law.

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