Thursday, 29 June 2017

Call for papers in Netherlands Journal of Consumer Law

Special Issue – Netherlands Journal of Consumer Law 
Consumer Law and the Impact of Behavioral Science 
Deadline (new): 06-10-2017
The Netherlands Journal of Consumer Law (Tijdschrift voor Consumentenrecht – TvC) cordially invites you to submit papers for a Special Issue in 2017 on the role of behavioral science in consumer law. Research from domains such as criminology, economics, language studies, neurology, political science and psychology has provided invaluable insights into the behavior of business and consumers. Concepts such as ‘biases’, ‘heuristics’ and ‘nudge’ appear highly important in determining regulatory and policy choices for the field of consumer law. Yet, do behavioral sciences influence consumer law? To what extent do we see behavioral insights underpin current consumer law? What kinds of insights does ‘behaviorism’ offer for the application of consumer law in general of for courts and regulatory authorities more particularly? How do lawmakers use these insights in (re)designing consumer laws, if at all? Should this be any different, taking into account the benefits and drawbacks of these analyses for the legal discipline?
The TvC editorial board welcomes papers for the Special Issue that answer these and related questions. Authors may present original empirical results, as well as review articles providing a critical perspective on the state of the art concerning the influence of behavioral science in various subdomains of consumer law, from conflict resolution to financial services and from standard terms regulation to unfair commercial practices. Accordingly the Special Issue will offer the TvC readership a broad overview of the state of the art on this topic. Submitted papers will follow the TvC peer review procedure. In addition to scientific excellence, the basic parameters for publication are:
- Papers should concern the interplay between consumer law and behavioral science and provide an overview of recent behavioral insights that (could) influence consumer law, its design or application. Original empirical evidence to support this is more certainly welcomed, but is not a requirement for publication. 
- Papers should keep to a maximum of 4.000 words; 
- Papers should include an abstract of a maximum of 150 words and 5 relevant keywords.

Papers for the Special Issue can be submitted to the editorial assistant, Mr. Jurgen Braspenning ( The deadline for submission is Friday, October 6, 2017. Please direct your queries to the editorial assistant.
About TvC 
TvC is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal, focusing on consumer law and policy in the Netherlands and Europe. For more information on its themes, editorial board and readership, please visit the TvC website.

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