Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Modernising copyright: watching Netflix while abroad

Yesterday, the Council and the Parliament have informally agreed on new rules that will allow subscribers to paid online content (online music, games, films and TV shows) in any Member State to access this content in another Member State - while they are temporarily visiting it (also when they travel for business, so this protection would be applicable not only to consumers). Readers of this blog who travel abroad have probably been frustrated by geo-blocking rules (set up to protect exclusive licensing) that often prevented accessing online content when abroad. Free of charge services would still be excluded from the scope of these new rules, which means that such service providers will have a choice whether to enable their customers to access their services cross-border (Accessing online films and TV while abroad: deal with Council). The intention is for these rules to start applying as of the beginning of 2018 (DSM: EU negotiators agree on new rules allowing Euorpeans to travel and enjoy online content services across borders).

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