Monday, 16 May 2016

Commission's public consultation for the Fitness Check of EU consumer and marketing law

The European Commission has published an online questionnaire as part of the 'Fitness Check' of EU consumer and marketing law. The aim is to evaluate if the following six directives are fit for their purpose on the basis of the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance and EU added value:

  • Unfair Contract Terms Directive 93/13/EEC;
  • Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive 1999/44/EC;
  • Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 2005/29/EC;
  • Price Indication Directive 98/6/EC;
  • Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive 2006/114/EC;
  • Injunctions Directive 2009/22/EC.

In addition, this consultation also covers the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU, which is subject to a separate evaluation.

The Commission welcomes contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities. The responses received will be published on the internet. Click here for more information.


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