Friday, 8 April 2016

Consumer Law and Consumer Behaviour book

Our readers may be interested in the publication of the book "Verbraucherrecht und Verbraucherverhalten" ("Consumer Law and Consumer Behaviour"), edited by B. Heiderhoff and R. Schulze, which contains contributions of two authors of this blog: Franziska Weber (in German) and Joasia Luzak (in English). 

The table of contents, which unfortunately is not given at the website of the publisher (but you may order this book through this link), is as follows:

Teil I. Grundlagen
B. Heiderhoff/R. Schulze - Verbraucherrecht und Verbraucherverhalten - Einführung
P. Mogelvang-Hansen - Consumer law and consumer behaviour. Some illustrations
R. Caterina - Beyond Error: Psychology's (Not-So-Easy) Lesson for Consumer Law

Teil II. Materielles Recht
G. Howells - Consumer Credit and Behavioural Economics
P. Tereszkiewicz - Fremdwährungskredite als Frage des Verbraucherschutzes: eine Zwischenbilanz
E. Grasso/ C. Poncibó - Nutrition Labelling Chaos. How far shall we go in nudging consumers?

Teil III. Rechtsdurchsetzung
F. Gómez/ K. Lyczkowska - Preliminary References on Consumer Law from Spanish Courts: A Law and Economics Perspective
F. Weber - Ökonomische Analyse verschiedener Rechtsdurchsetzungsmechanismen im Verbraucherrecht
Ch. Twigg-Flesner - Does the codification of consumer law improve the ability of consumers to enforce their rights? - A UK-perspective
J. Luzak - Empirical evidence in consumer law cases: what are 'up to' claims up to?

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