Friday, 9 October 2015

Save the date: 24 November - symposium on the new Package Travel Directive

New Package Travel Directive symposium24 November 2015 in Amsterdam
With the European Parliament and the European Council finally reaching an agreement on the revision of the Package Travel Directive earlier this year, this symposium intends to evaluate the new rules, anticipate problems with their implementation into national laws, as well as discuss missed chances in the harmonisation of the travel sector contracts. Experts in this field will discuss, among other things, such issues as: the exclusion of individually arranged combined services by the consumer from the scope of the PTD, the difficulties of protecting travelling consumers in the P2P economy and in the digital age, continued lack of harmonisation of passenger law.

The symposium is organised by prof. Marco Loos (CSECL, University of Amsterdam) and dr Joasia Luzak (CSECL, University of Amsterdam). It will be divided into three sessions. The first session will be devoted to the scope of the new Directive, with as speakers: prof. Klaus Tonner (University of Rostock) and dr Stephan Keiler (University of Salzburg). In the second sessions, the missed opportunities regarding the application of the provisions of the Directive to modern, digital package travel contracts will be discussed by prof. Sophia Zheng Tang (Newcastle University) and dr Joasia Luzak (CSECL, University of Amsterdam). The last session will be devoted to the relationship between the new Directive and the European Contract Law, as well as the passenger acquis, with as speakers: prof. Marco Loos (CSECL, University of Amsterdam), dr Josep Maria Bech Serrat (University of Girona), Jens Karsten (bxl-law).

The attendance in the symposium will be free of charge. Registration is necessary. The details about registration will follow shortly.

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