Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Google under the EU fire

As we have mentioned before (Google continued) there is a growing worry among the European authorities protecting consumer interests as well as fair competition on the EU market about the dominant position of Google. The European Commission has just sent a Statement of Objections to Google against its practices, potentially in breach of EU antitrust rules, that allow Google (more than 90% of market shares) to systematically favour their own comparison shopping product (currently, "Google Shopping") in the general search results pages that consumers in the EU receive. That is to say, EU consumers would not necessarily receive the most relevant search results and not have a possibility to use the services of Google's competitors in providing comparison shopping services (Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on comparison shopping service). Moreover, the Commission opened a formal investigation against Google with regard to its Android mobile operating system, applications and services for smartphones and tablets. Since the majority of smartphones in the EU are based on Android, it is important that Google does not abuse its dominant position on the market. While anyone could freely use and develop Android, Google delivers the Android operating system together with a range of Google's proprietary applications and services and expects manufacturers, software developers etc. to conclude contracts with Google e.g. demanding exclusive pre-installation of Google's own applications and services on smartphones and tablets. (Commission opens formal investigation against Google in relation to Android mobile operating system)

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