Thursday, 13 March 2014

New EU data protection rules- one step forward

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted the commission-proposed data protection reform package. While the proposed regulation (with 621 votes in favour, 10 against and 22 abstentions) received overwhelming support, the directive was endorsed with a somewhat divided vote (371 votes in favour, 276 against and 30 abstentions).
 This does not make sure that the package will become law, since the Council will also have to vote and previous debate indicates that this passage might not be smooth. However, yesterday's vote at least secures a definite progress in the procedure against the potential delaying effects of the impending European elections.  
While (as the chart shows) the concern of European citizens concerning their privacy is addressed through four key points (right to be forgotten, easier access to own data, "privacy by default"+no implied consent), the package tries to also limit the burden on enterprises, and especially for SMEs, by allowing for a certain degree of flexibility in the bureaucratic management of customer data.

This time, the Commission issued a particularly detailed press release that will provide interested readers quite some information.

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