Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mobile deals

As of 1 July 2013, the beginning of a new holiday season, EU roaming charges have again been lowered. (see our post from last year: Holiday savings) The main price change concerns tariffs for data downloads (using maps, social networks, uploading photos etc. on consumer smartphones), which will be lowered by 36%. (New lower price caps for mobile roaming...) The new price caps will be set as follows:
- 24 cents/ minute + VAT for making calls
- 7 cents/ minute + VAT for receiving calls
- 8 cents + VAT for sending a text message
- 45 cents/ Megabyte + VAT for downloading data or browsing the internet
The only thing EU consumers should still be wary of and pay attention to are these package deals that are being offered by mobile service providers, where you pay a specific amount of money for making use of your phone while abroad. The rates offered in these packages may be less beneficial now in comparison with official price caps.

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