Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Olive branch needed

Last week the European Commission made an interesting U-turn in their plans to further regulate how olive oil was being served to consumers in European restaurants. So far non-regulated market meant that restaurants could re-fill their olive oil bottles, use dipping bowls, purchase locally produced olive oils (especially important in the Mediterraneans) etc. Over a week ago the Commission announced its plan to prohibit such use of olive oil in favour of using only labelled, one use only bottles (produced usually by larger olive oil producers). (New rules for olive oil in Europe) The reasoning: it would help to protect consumers from mislabelled olive oil and would better inform them on the quality and characteristics of the used olive oil, as well as keep them safe from any disease that could come from multiple use of oil bottles. This proposal met, however, with so much outrage that the Commission announced already that they would put this proposal on a shelf and look for better alternatives to protect consumers. (EU Corks its plan to limit olive oil)

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