Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Health claims

Today the European Commission approved a list of 222 health claims - e.g. that calcium influences bone health - that may be used in advertising and on food labels, since they are based on sound scientific advice. Without such a list, producers and marketers could mislead consumers as to the benefits they may receive upon a purchase of certain products. The pre-approved health claims will be listed in the Union Register of nutrition and health claims made on foods (as required by Regulation 1924/2006) which is an interactive database. The marketers will have an easy access to it online, to verify whether they can make use of a certain claim in their advertising or not. The enforcement agencies across the EU will also use the same list. As a result of this harmonisation the consumers all over Europe will have an easier choice to make (and more informed). The transitional period for manufacturers to adapt their products to the new rules is 6 months. As of December 2012 all claims on food labels have to be either already included in the list or under consideration (to be included), otherwise their placement on the product is prohibited. (Food: Commission adopts landmark list of permitted health claims)

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