Wednesday, 1 February 2012

euvr - New journal on European consumer and market law

Mid January saw the birth of a new journal on European consumer law: the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law, aka 'euvr' (taking the initials from its German name, the Zeitschrift für Europäisches Unternehmens- und Verbraucherrecht). The journal is edited by the Association of European Consumer Law, of which two of the contributors to this blog are members. The first issue includes an editorial by Verica Trstenjak (Advocate-General at the Court of Justice of the EU), articles on consumer credit law and the optional instrument, and a case note on CJEU Weber & Putz by the main contributor to this blog.
[To reassure readers who might sense a conflict of interests here, seeing the personal overlap of bloggers and editors/authors: no payment, force or other incentives were used to get me to advertise this journal here. Just thought it might interest you to know about the new magazine...]

The journal's 'mission statement' reads as follows:
'This new Journal aims at filling a gap in existing publications in the field of European consumer law. Its main focus is on issues of consumer law in the EU internal market. European consumer law is understood in the broadest sense including user and passenger law. The focus of the journal goes beyond the traditional understanding of consumer law as consumer protection law and includes consumer law from the perspective of businesses in the B2C market.
The emphasis lies on the debate of consumer law as it stands in a system of multilevel governance. This includes discussing issues of private as well as public law, of substantive as well as private international and procedural law, of national, international and supranational law, new regulatory instruments (e.g. uniform law, soft law, service standards) as well as questions of law making.
The journal contains articles (peer reviewed), short contributions, legislation report, case commentaries, pending cases, book reviews and events. Contributions will appear in English and/or in German.'
More information and a call for papers can be found on the euvr's website.

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