Thursday, 10 November 2011

Reding on Common European Sales Law

The text of Commissioner Reding's speech at the currently ongoing conference on the future of European Contract Law, organised by the Polish presidency, is now available on the website of the European Commission. Reding emphasises the potential role of the recently proposed Regulation on a Common European Sales Law:

'The optional Common European Sales Law will provide companies with an easy and cheap way to expand their business to new markets. It will bring more choice, security and a better deal to consumers. In the Commission's analysis, it's a win-win situation: for businesses and consumers who want to take advantage of our Single Market. Europe needs to develop and exploit such win-win situations. Because we have no time to lose in our fight for stability, growth and competitiveness of this marvellous continent. Some say in these days that Europe is in danger. I do not share this negative view. I believe Europe is full of opportunities and of potential that we just need to unlock with determination. And the optional Common Sales Law is one of these opportunities.'

Some first-hand news on the conference proceedings will probably follow next week when Joasia, who is attending the conference, will be back from Warsaw. Furthermore, Eric Clive promised to post on the conference on the Edinburgh European Private Law blog.

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