Thursday, 27 October 2011

A moment for our readers

Originally, I created this blog in order to keep in touch with developments in European consumer law. It gave me a motivation to look up the news every day (and read it immediately, without sending it to my email for later reference). This blog was also planned to be an archive for all the news, easy to fall back on months later. It's not an anniversary of this blog today, but it has been some time since I checked Google Analytics (a brilliant statistics tool, btw!) to see how we were doing. And wow, was I surprised. I mean I hear from time to time that someone, aside my colleagues, is reading the blog. My students, other academics I run into mention this blog occasionally. But when I compared today the number of visits that this blog had in the past month to the visits within the same period of time but last year, I was astonished. The number increased over 200%. I guess we are doing something right. I'll try to keep it up this way. :)

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