Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What to do to get someone's phone number... as a starter.

Ironically, while the European institutions are worried about consequences of the breach of the privacy of data and try to ensure that the appropriate authorities and consumers would be notified about such situations (see earlier post: Your personal data had been stolen online...), the consumers themselves seem to have more trust in institutions to which they give their personal information.

Nokia Siemens Networks presented a data privacy survey which shows that awareness about the use and misuse of personal data by third parties has increased among the consumers in the past years. It seems that regardless of whether the requirement of notification of data breach is binding the online parties, the consumers are aware that their personal data is highly sensitive and might be misused. Still, 40% of respondents confirmed that they would agree to submit their personal data in exchange for targeted services. It seems that while the consumers know that they take certain risks by sharing their personal data, they are willing to do so in order to obtain certain benefits. What is surprising is that surveyed consumers considered the telecom operators as highly trusted partners (right after banks), whom they could rely on in protection of their personal information.

On one hand, we seem to be aware that there is a risk. On the other hand, we have all the trust. I, for once, am glad that the European institutions are a bit more cautious in this respect.

Data taken from an article at Total Telecom: Consumers willing to share information with trusted telecom operators.

Cartoon: from a blog brainstuck.com (Other Personal Data).

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