Thursday, 27 May 2010

Financial literacy

A bit last minute but European Commission organizes a conference on 'Financial literacy: Dolceta' tomorrow, 28 May 2010, in Brussels.

For anyone who was not aware of that fact previously but still would like to benefit from these meetings - the conference will be web-streamed and presentations and videos will be uploaded at a later date.

I posted about the new website Dolceta a while ago on this blog. Dolceta is a website for online consumer education. The EC has recently published an additional section on Dolceta on financial literacy targeted at teachers.
The conference is supposed to explain various potential uses of that section of Dolceta's website as well as better explain financial literacy (as a lession to draw from the financial crisis) and its problems.

'The recent financial crisis revealed that consumers are increasingly obliged to make decisions in relation to a wide range of complex financial products and services. With a view to empower consumers, the European Commission is working on three complementary fields: pre-contractual information, advice and financial education.
Financial education is a crucial complementary principle in a way that empowers consumers to make informed choices and play their role in the integration of financial markets. Financial education should be introduced at an early age in order to to be efficient and effective.'

Programme of the conference and more information about it might be found here.

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